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    Hope Construction Materials

    Hope Construction Materials operate out of 160 locations in the UK. They have the complicated task of inducting all their contractors and staff, and we produced a series of Induction videos with the,. Using real people and real locations, they use the videos via an ELearning package, or on site.

    Please click on below to watch videos produced by us.

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    DCA Equipment

    DCA sell Cream Whipping machines to cafes & bakeries. They wanted a DVD to promote their Cream Whipping range.

    Full DVD production, with YouTube hosting linked in from their website.

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    The worlds largest Cement manufacturer. We have produced many videos for Lafarge, including the global communications convention in Paris 2010.

    DVD production using our web hosting for checking.

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    Members club for owners of the TR range of cars made by Triumph. Full DVD production. A welcome DVD for all members joining the club. Lots of car shots!

    Full DVD production, using Green Screen effect interviews.

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    First Aid DVD

    A Comprehensive guide to First Aid, a training DVD offering a great learning experience for businesses. Full DVD production, resulting in very successful commercial release

    Full DVD production, used by County Councils, first aiders and businesses

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    They offer the full service when it comes to office furniture. We created a website and web video for them.

    Website and Web video hosted on our dedicated server.

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    The Treehouse

    Children's Play Centre wanted a video to promote their new premises. We planned, filmed, edited and web host their video. The video has had a very positive impact on footfall..

    Web video produced and hosted on YouTube and on front page of their website.

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    Just Do It Guides

    We have produced 5 successful Instructional DVDs for Just Do It Guides. Computing, Photography, Video Making, Kids football and First Aid. To see the trailer for our Everyday Home Video Making, click below.

    Perfect for those who want to edit their own videos, and take better footage.

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    Didcot Good Neighbour Scheme.Community 'urgency' project run by volunteers helping vulnerable people in the Didcot area. We created a simple website, and email setup.

    Website and email facilities, and ability to update themselves.