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    First Aid

    A Comprehensive Guide to First Aid Training on 1 DVD. Produced with partners, this DVD covers 34 sections, and runs for 100 minutes. PAL, all regions of the world.

    Very popular with County Councils and Training Companies.

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    First Aid Cloud

    Our Comprehensive Guide to First Aid Training available 24/7 online. Personalised website with easy accessing and learning for all your staff.

    Very popular with small to medium sized companies.

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    Everyday Home Video Making. Creating good looking video footage is possible, simply follow the techniques we teach on this DVD. We cover editing on a Computer.

    Popular with those wanting to edit their camcorder footage into watch able chunks on YouTube.

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    Grassroots Football - Mini Soccer. How to start a kids football team, and take fun training sessions. We cover warm ups, drills, fun stuff and cooling down. Watch a mini-soccer match!

    Popular with new coaches and parents.

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    Everyday Digital Photography. How to take great looking photos, transfer to your PC, edit and share with your friends. This DVD gives you the skills to transform your photographic skills.

    Popular with those who have compact cameras, and are confused by the computer side.

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    Everyday Home Computing. Our 1st production, and most successful. Adopted by many libraries, and with sales approaching 1000 our best seller. A fresh approach for beginners to learn about home computing.

    Popular with beginners, and children buying for their parents!

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    In production. We will guide you through the whole process of starting a business, and running it successfully. All the foundations to run a profitable company are explained, as are the pitfalls!

    Will be popular with those who wish to try their hand at having their own business.